No promises.

Looking back at the few posts I’ve made to this little blog o’ mine, I find I’m very inconsistent in posting frequency.

That isn’t for a lack of something to say… ask anyone that knows me. We’d solve the world energy crisis if we could harness the power each time words were heard coming out of my mouth. I suppose I just don’t come running to the PC when I have an idea and I definitely don’t take notes when I’m out and about. I’d much rather talk your ear off in person.

Now that I have a laptop (Dell XPS 13  Review) it’s nice to have access to full desktop sites and a real keyboard. It makes WordPress much more accessible and easy to navigate. I am not a big fan of the mobile app though it is useable but looking at how often(or not) I’ve written here, it makes sense that I’m likely just not familiar with it yet.

I’ve begun using OneNote to write and dictate notes on the random thoughts I have throughout the day, so maybe, just maybe I’ll start using this site as the relief valve I once intended it to be.

I will attempt to keep the griping to a minimum, but I’m not making any promises.




Where have you been?

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to take a look around these parts again today… part of it was just getting lost in life overall and I think I needed an outlet. Sometimes its nice to take the time to bounce your ideas and feelings off of someone else, even if that someone else is yourself.

So I hope I find the time to revisit this blog again in the future. I have it for a reason and life is throwing a lot my way currently so I hope I choose to use it to its full advantage.

It’s kinda fun after all 🙂

Thanks for tuning in.