As far as I can tell…

The only thing that lasts forever is death. If there is a rift between you and loved ones, do whatever you can, within reason, to heal it.

Don't waste your time or energy on someone that won't except love. You'll know when you've reached that point when you become frustrated with trying.

Remain open, but move on.

A New Beginning

Today is Sunday.

Depending on your beliefs this is either the beginning of the week or its the end. I find that fitting since today is my last day of “freedom” before I start a new job tomorrow. Is my new life beginning or is the old one coming to an end?

I’ve had a rough go as of late, what with a divorce, layoff, my car breaking down and my bike being stolen. All within months of one another. *sigh* I’m honestly surprised I’m still standing at all. At times I’ve felt so BROKEN. Physically, mentally and emotionally. But God never gives you more than you can handle, right? You just don’t realize how strong you are until you have to be that strong.

Things are looking up though. My new job is a work from home position so rest assured that I WILL be working in my PJs more often than not. Thinking about that makes me smile 🙂

Since I was laid off I was fortunate enough to put a down payment on another car and replace my bike. So I can distract myself from the pain. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss my ex. It’s lonely inside these walls when all you can hear is yourself think.

I’ve told myself that this is all just part of becoming stronger. I’m passing through a tunnel and just don’t see the other side yet. But I know it’s there.

Just gotta keep moving.




No promises.

Looking back at the few posts I’ve made to this little blog o’ mine, I find I’m very inconsistent in posting frequency.

That isn’t for a lack of something to say… ask anyone that knows me. We’d solve the world energy crisis if we could harness the power each time words were heard coming out of my mouth. I suppose I just don’t come running to the PC when I have an idea and I definitely don’t take notes when I’m out and about. I’d much rather talk your ear off in person.

Now that I have a laptop (Dell XPS 13  Review) it’s nice to have access to full desktop sites and a real keyboard. It makes WordPress much more accessible and easy to navigate. I am not a big fan of the mobile app though it is useable but looking at how often(or not) I’ve written here, it makes sense that I’m likely just not familiar with it yet.

I’ve begun using OneNote to write and dictate notes on the random thoughts I have throughout the day, so maybe, just maybe I’ll start using this site as the relief valve I once intended it to be.

I will attempt to keep the griping to a minimum, but I’m not making any promises.



Where have you been?

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to take a look around these parts again today… part of it was just getting lost in life overall and I think I needed an outlet. Sometimes its nice to take the time to bounce your ideas and feelings off of someone else, even if that someone else is yourself.

So I hope I find the time to revisit this blog again in the future. I have it for a reason and life is throwing a lot my way currently so I hope I choose to use it to its full advantage.

It’s kinda fun after all 🙂

Thanks for tuning in.

Sometimes I just want the hold music…

What is it with telephone customer service these days? Correction: what is it with automated telephone customer service? Must they program it to drone on and on about every single product that the company offers? Including the one that I’m calling to inform them is not working as it should?

I have better things to do than sit on hold, so I attempt to multitask, but being solicited in the most “pleasantly annoying” voice I could imagine impairs my ability to even hear myself think.

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of being placed on hold to the soothing sounds of Kenny G.?

How I long for those days.

One tough mudder.

I’ve decided to ramp up my training for Tough Mudder Nor-Cal 2012. The next 54 days will be challenging. Some days will focus on cardio, the others strength training. I’d definitely got to improve my upper body strength if I’m going to take this on ( come September 22nd and 23rd.

I feel good about the shape I’m currently in, but I’d like it to show. I’ll post my diet and workout routine shortly. I just want to chronicle the last big push leading up to the deadline.

If you’d like to support me please follow the link below to contribute to Wounded Warrior Project on my behalf. My goal is $150. Thank you!

Real men don’t smile.

Yesterday, I received an email informing me that my yahoo! and twitter accounts may have been compromised. Apparently, this was news at the beginning of the month and I glanced it over and disregarded it. There’s no way my account was one of the only 450,000 or so to be hacked. There are millions of users on these networks. What are the odds, really? Apparently, quite favorable.

After reading the message carefully and doing due diligence in validating the email’s source, I realized that my entire online presence could now be in the hands of someone other than myself. No es bueno. So I handled the business of changing my passwords and securing (as best I could) every online account that I thought might be affected. Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr…the list goes on. I don’t want someone else determining how I present myself online to the world.

Which brings me to the title of this post: Why am I not smiling in the majority of my profile pictures? Is it bad to be happy? I see women with far more pictures than the 10 -15 I have up of myself, and yet they have far less incidences of them not smiling than I do (a lot more duck-face though). Searching through friends profiles I find the same patterns. After some careful reflection I came to the conclusion that somewhere along the way in life, I formed the opinion or was led to believe that smiling or indicating happiness in a picture is somehow a sign of weakness or in the eyes of peers, “gay”. What gives?

Where does this come from? Is it such a blow to the straight male ego to look approachable in a picture? Do we think that people will think we are homosexual because we look happy and satisfied with our lives? Since when did happy mean gay? Why is smiling in pictures a decidedly non-hetero male trait? It makes no sense. Maybe just something leftover from adolescence…

In any case, it’s immature and stupid. I don’t need to project an image of toughness to my friends and family. They know my resolve. I don’t need to hide the fact that I enjoy a good time… it’s part of who I am. So today, I’m putting away childish insecurity and updating my online profile picture with a smile. If this somehow makes me less of a man or makes you think less of me, I guess you’ll just have to grin and bear it.