If you hate….

***I found this in my drafts and I’m posting it as-is. I must’ve been having a bad day at my old job with Verizon when I wrote this. It’s rather amusing today***

If you hate your wireless carrier… then leave!

Same goes for your occupation…

Your relationship…

your family…

your friends…

your bank.

Most likely these things are providing some benefit to you that you apparently cannot live without, so take the time to figure out how to make it work for all parties involved before you blow off steam like a jackass and alienate everyone.

Wireless Carrier: The guy on the other end doesn’t care how many times or how many people you have spoken to before. Just give him/her the facts and trust them to do their job. Cussing and yelling and bitching will get you nowhere. Asking to speak to a supervisor will get you to another rep in the same department that is hell bent on giving you the same answer since you decided to bitch about something unreasonable.

Relationships: You should know this already. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Before you leave this or that person, consider whether or not you are really unhappy or if you are just being unreasonable in your demands. If they asked the same of you, would you give what they are asking? Are you allowing the other person to be the other person, and not some shell of their former self by having them bend to your every whim? Should you be with this person?

If you don’t just get up and leave it’s because you haven’t figured out something better yet. If that is the case, please don’t call your wireless carrier and threaten to leave… call them and proactively try to work out a solution. The person on the other end doesn’t want to take on your garbage(mouth) just as much as you don’t want them to give you any lip about the service (or lack thereof) that you are getting.


Day 10

I’ve been noticing a lot of change in the city lately. It started slowly but once a lot of the major renovations were done, its almost like there was a big bang event and suddenly everyone I knew and interacted with on a regular basis disappeared and bay area transplants took their place.

It was a bit of a wake up call for me.

So I’ve decided to stop drinking alcohol while I’m trying to get settled in my new-ish apartment and my new job. I would like to know how my. Mind and body respond to things I’ve been doing everyday when I’m not not inebriated or hungover.

So far, so good! I’ve been able to donate donates few no longer used or unused items to Salvation Army and rearrange my living space to be more conducive to cleaner, greener living. I’m enjoying it immensely. My goal was two weeks and that’s on its way up faster than I could have imagined. I just might extend my streak just because.

I’ve set new personal records (in the modern era) for my mile time over several miles (mid 7 mins as part of a 3.7 mile run). I’m sure I’m even more capable of just running 1 mile for time. I also have been generally happier so I can probably get off of the antidepressants. To be honest I haven’t used them in over two months since I been exercising regularly and eating better.

Just a quick check in. More to come…


As far as I can tell…

The only thing that lasts forever is death. If there is a rift between you and loved ones, do whatever you can, within reason, to heal it.

Don't waste your time or energy on someone that won't accept love. You'll know when you've reached that point when you become frustrated with trying.

Remain open, but move on.

A New Beginning

Today is Sunday.

Depending on your beliefs this is either the beginning of the week or its the end. I find that fitting since today is my last day of “freedom” before I start a new job tomorrow. Is my new life beginning or is the old one coming to an end?

I’ve had a rough go as of late, what with a divorce, layoff, my car breaking down and my bike being stolen. All within months of one another. *sigh* I’m honestly surprised I’m still standing at all. At times I’ve felt so BROKEN. Physically, mentally and emotionally. But God never gives you more than you can handle, right? You just don’t realize how strong you are until you have to be that strong.

Things are looking up though. My new job is a work from home position so rest assured that I WILL be working in my PJs more often than not. Thinking about that makes me smile 🙂

Since I was laid off I was fortunate enough to put a down payment on another car and replace my bike. So I can distract myself from the pain. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss my ex. It’s lonely inside these walls when all you can hear is yourself think.

I’ve told myself that this is all just part of becoming stronger. I’m passing through a tunnel and just don’t see the other side yet. But I know it’s there.

Just gotta keep moving.




No promises.

Looking back at the few posts I’ve made to this little blog o’ mine, I find I’m very inconsistent in posting frequency.

That isn’t for a lack of something to say… ask anyone that knows me. We’d solve the world energy crisis if we could harness the power each time words were heard coming out of my mouth. I suppose I just don’t come running to the PC when I have an idea and I definitely don’t take notes when I’m out and about. I’d much rather talk your ear off in person.

Now that I have a laptop (Dell XPS 13  Review) it’s nice to have access to full desktop sites and a real keyboard. It makes WordPress much more accessible and easy to navigate. I am not a big fan of the mobile app though it is useable but looking at how often(or not) I’ve written here, it makes sense that I’m likely just not familiar with it yet.

I’ve begun using OneNote to write and dictate notes on the random thoughts I have throughout the day, so maybe, just maybe I’ll start using this site as the relief valve I once intended it to be.

I will attempt to keep the griping to a minimum, but I’m not making any promises.



Where have you been?

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to take a look around these parts again today… part of it was just getting lost in life overall and I think I needed an outlet. Sometimes its nice to take the time to bounce your ideas and feelings off of someone else, even if that someone else is yourself.

So I hope I find the time to revisit this blog again in the future. I have it for a reason and life is throwing a lot my way currently so I hope I choose to use it to its full advantage.

It’s kinda fun after all 🙂

Thanks for tuning in.

Sometimes I just want the hold music…

What is it with telephone customer service these days? Correction: what is it with automated telephone customer service? Must they program it to drone on and on about every single product that the company offers? Including the one that I’m calling to inform them is not working as it should?

I have better things to do than sit on hold, so I attempt to multitask, but being solicited in the most “pleasantly annoying” voice I could imagine impairs my ability to even hear myself think.

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of being placed on hold to the soothing sounds of Kenny G.?

How I long for those days.